10 Great Aesthetic Fonts For Posters

Designing a poster can be a lot of fun. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity! However, if you’re looking for some good fonts to use on your next poster, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 great fonts that will give your poster a beautiful aesthetic. Enjoy!

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Aesthetic Fonts For Posters

Brixton SVG

Brixton is a hand-printed typeface that celebrates the old school letterpress style and all its beautiful imperfections. The bold shapes lend themselves to strong design, whilst textures give it an authentic voice with personality!

Download Brixton SVG

Aesthetic Fonts For Posters

Margin – Retro Serif Font

Margin is the perfect font to use for logos, branding materials and more. With its serifs that give it a 70’s groovy vibe without being too traditional or futuristic.

Download Margin – Retro Serif Font

Aesthetic Fonts For Posters


Rangy is a modern all caps display font great for a variety of projects such as posters, packaging, branding projects, logo designs, quotes, magazine covers, editorial design, headlines and much more. 

Download Rangy

Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Bright is the perfect font to use in modern and retro designs. It has an elegant, clear look that can be paired with both 60s or 70s inspired poster projects for a fun layout style.

Download Bright – Modern Retro Typeface


With MADE Mirage, you can create a modern and elegant look in your work. It’s perfect for any project that needs to be stylish but not too overbearing like branding or logos!

Download Mirage

Aesthetic Fonts For Posters


Kocha is a hand-drawn display font with plenty of ligatures and stylistic alternatives. Perfect for creating logos, greeting cards or posters that need an extra touch! This charming & warm character will help you give your project the unique feel it deserves

Download Kocha

Fonseca Grande

A layered bold retro sans serif complemented by a handwritten script perfectly paired.

Download Fonseca Grande

Summer Loving Font Collection

This svg font collection is great for posters, headlines, logos and more.

Download Summer Loving Font Collection

Price Check

Price Check is a font that’s meant to be reminiscent of old school, hand-painted signs you might find at your local grocery store. The lettering has an almost calligraphic feel with its curved strokes and generous heights – perfect for any design project where raw aesthetics are what matters most!

Download Price Check


Brand is a lovely elegant font for branding and logo design.

Download Brand