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Do you like exploring different fonts and finding new ways to make your designs stand out? If so, then you’ll love our collection of magic fantasy fonts! These unique fonts are perfect for creating magical and whimsical designs, and they’ll add a touch of enchantment to any project.

Whether you’re looking for a fun font for a birthday party invitation or a more elegant font for a wedding invitation, we’ve got just the thing. So take a look and let your imagination run wild!

Garden’s secrets

Magic Fantasy Fonts

The fonts in this collection are perfect for use on books, posters or banners.

Download Garden’s secrets

Mythshire vintage script

Magic Fantasy Fonts

Mythshire is an old-fashioned font that’s based on the flowing, cursive writing of yesteryear. With 40+ ligatures to make your words look authentic and historic with its upper/lowercase characters & alternate glyphs there are plenty options for how you can create authentic typeset text in this handcrafted style!

Download Mythshire vintage script

Magic Curls font

Magic Fantasy Fonts

You will fall in love with this typeface the moment you see it. It has a magic, almost enchanting look that would be perfect for any fantasy fairytale design or whatever your heart desires!

Download Magic Curls font

Rivendell. The full of magic font.

Magic Fantasy Fonts

This font has a vintage, elegant feel to it. It’s perfect for designers who want an authentic and magical look in their designs like cards or posters!

Download Rivendell. The full of magic font.

Magic Ivy. Botanical Font.

Magic Fantasy Fonts

To make your designs more captivating, try adding the magic of this font! The unique uppercase letters are ideal for wedding monograms and logos. You can also use it in various projects such as invitations or social media posts.

Download Magic Ivy. Botanical Font.