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Fonts can be the difference between an amateur and professional looking document. They can also set the tone for a particular project. If you’re looking to create a dark, fantastical mood, then you’ll need the right font. Here are some of our favorites!

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Suzanstein – Horror Font

Dark Fantasy Fonts

Suzan Stein Font is a perfect addition to any design project that needs an edgy, dark feel. This Typeface can be used on anything from logos and T-shirts in horror related designs all the way up through posters for your wall decor!

Download Suzanstein

Wrathobia Display Font

Dark Fantasy Fonts

Wrathobia is an elegant, yet edgy font that will suit your project needs. Whether you need it for Halloween or not; this typeface has the right degree of severity to be both scary and stylish at once!

Download Wrathobia

Anima Typeface

Dark Fantasy Fonts

Anima is a tall, proud family of fonts that includes uppercase multilingual letters as well as alternate forms for each letter.It has numbers and punctuation marks too!

Download Anima

Arkana – Fantasy Typeface

Dark Fantasy Fonts

What’s more fitting for a project than an authentic, magical typeface? That is exactly what you will find in the form of Arkana. This incredible font includes upper-and lowercase letters as well special characters like numbers and punctuation marks so that it can be used on anything from books or video games to movies!

Download Arkana

Solaire Typeface

Dark Fantasy Fonts

The font Solaire is a fantasy themed family with an old-fashioned, runic feel. Solaire is a great way to add some excitement and originality into your work.

Download Solaire