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What Graphic Design Jobs Are There?

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In the design world, there are a lot of different jobs that you can specialize in. Each one has its own set of required skills and knowledge. Here is a look at some of the most popular graphic design jobs out there. 

Each one has its own unique challenges and rewards, so read on to see if any of them interest you!

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What Graphic Design Jobs Are There?

What is graphic design?

The term graphic design refers to the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration.

What do graphic designers do?

Graphic designers turn ideas into visual concepts that get used in all forms of media like television, billboards, magazines and photo shoots. They help others communicate information effectively with images.

They work with a team of creative professionals to come up with the look and feel of a project, which includes everything from color schemes, typefaces and images. Graphic designers always have their client’s goals in mind, so every design decision is meant to further those goals.

Graphic Design Careers:

Graphic designers usually work in studios, ad agencies and design firms. They may also be self-employed or run their own business. There are many different types of graphics designers including web designers, illustrators, animators and exhibit designers to name a few.

Some of the most popular graphic design jobs:

Art Director

What they do:

Art Directors typically work in the advertising industry and help to create a visual look and feel for a brand or product. They create images that visually communicate ideas, while also following the creative direction of the agency’s clients.

They oversee other designers’ work and ensure that their team is meeting deadlines for projects.

Some companies require Art Directors to be proficient in design and illustration programs, while others may hire an Art Director who specializes in art direction but does not have a background in design.

How to become one:

Most Art Directors start their career by getting a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or fine arts with an emphasis on advertising or marketing.  Some Art Directors also have a master’s degree in fine arts or graphic design.

Web Designer

What Graphic Design Jobs Are There?

What they do:

Web designers work on websites for all kinds of different types of companies. They have to pay attention to website functionality, color schemes and overall user experience. Graphic designers that specialize in web design also need to know how to code.

Some web designers work exclusively on e-commerce sites, while others may work on social networking platforms. To create the best possible experience for users, Web Designers also need to know how to optimize websites so that they can achieve high search engine rankings.

How to become one:

Most Web Designers start their career by earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or another related field like computer science. Graphic design programs that offer courses that specialize in websites are best for students interested in web design.

Some graphic designers specialize in other areas like mobile apps, digital media, online marketing and user experience (UX).

To learn more about these specializations, consult the schools on Designation and read about the job in more detail.

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What you’ll do:

Mobile App Designer:

Mobile App Designers work with organizations to design different apps that users can download onto their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. They need to know how to create a system that works on all devices and is aesthetically appealing.

Digital Media Designer:

Like a Web Designer, a Digital Media Designer designs for the web and helps to establish an organization’s online presence. They’re also in charge of designing and maintaining digital properties like websites and blogs. Digital media designers typically handle design from beginning to end, including creating graphics that need animated effects.

Online Marketing Specialist:

Online Marketing Specialists are responsible for creating social media content, building email lists and buying relevant ads that lead users to their company’s website. They need to know about search engine optimization (SEO) so that they can help increase traffic towards their online properties.

UX Specialist:

What Graphic Design Jobs Are There?

User experience Designers or UX Designers focus on creating a positive user experience. They work with organizations to make their website, app or other type of product as easy as possible for users to access and navigate. UX Designers research what customers want and create wireframes that outline how the site should function.

What skills you’ll need:

User experience designers need excellent problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and strong creativity.

Multimedia artist or animator

what they do:

Multimedia artists and animators use artistic and digital skills to create animated films, video games, tutorials, and other types of multimedia projects.

How to become one:

Most multimedia artists start their careers by earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or animation from a school with a good reputation in these areas.

Some gain experience directly in the field by working as an intern at a design firm, while others work in other areas like web design and then transition into multimedia art.

The best way to prepare for this career is to take courses that focus on traditional drawing and animation.

What you’ll do:

Multimedia artists have a lot of creative freedom in their careers. Some work as freelancers, while others find jobs at design firms where they can create projects individually or as part of a team.

The types of projects that multimedia artists and animators take on vary greatly, but they often need to follow strict creative guidelines such as those outlined in movie production contracts. For example, many animations are based on book series, which means the artist needs to follow the plot and design of characters as they are laid out in the books.

Multimedia artists also need to be familiar with different mediums, so they may work on projects that require them to use paint or other types of physical materials.

What skills you’ll need:

Multimedia artists and animators need a strong ability to visualize an end product, excellent storytelling skills, strong attention to detail, and the creative vision necessary to come up with new ideas.

What do you learn in a graphic design program?

While there are several different types of programs available to graphic design students, most universities offer a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis on graphic design. This program provides in-depth training in both traditional and digital design methods.

You’ll also learn about the business end of graphic design, like how to prepare effective portfolios that showcase your work and how to market your business.

If you plan on becoming a designer, there are plenty of graphic design jobs out there for you to choose from. There is no one size fits all skill set that will work in every position. You have to know what the job requires and be able to show off your skills with examples from projects you’ve done in the past. What graphic design job interests you? Leave us a comment below so we can chat more about it!