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How To Avoid Blurry Photos (Importance of using a tripod)

A tripod is the best tool to help avoid blurry photos. If you want to capture the perfect shot, then you need a tripod. It’s not just for people who use DSLR cameras either – even your smartphone can benefit from using a tripod! 

In this post we will explore the Importance of using a tripod.

Importance of using a tripod

Importance of using a tripod

In order to get the best quality when taking pictures with your phone or camera, it is important that they remain steady at all times. This will ensure that what you see in front of you is exactly what ends up on the screen. Even if there isn’t any movement in front of your camera lens, holding it yourself could cause some blurriness due to natural shaking and unsteadiness in human hands. For this reason, many photographers suggest investing in a tripod so that photos can be taken steadily and more precisely.

When the camera moves while the shutter is open the outcome is a blurred or soft image. Typically camera motions are little and for that factor in high shutter speeds the camera does not have a chance to move enough.

A lot of pictures are taken when the camera is held in your hand. Another cause for camera motion is strongly pressing the shutter button which in return moves the camera. Selecting the best camera for weight, shutter and grip button level of sensitivity is a suggested method to reduce camera motions in the future.

As a basic guideline pictures that are taken with sluggish shutter speeds or high zoom worths need to be taken utilizing a more steady platform than your hand. A steady platform can be anything that is steady: a table, a rack, a chair or a newsstand in the street. The platform that is thought about the most expert and steady is the tripod.

There are different types of tripods depending on what the tripod is to be used for, such as a travel tripod or a full-size professional model that will attach itself to your studio equipment. It’s important that you consider your needs when it comes to making this purchase since they range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred.

If you are taking a trip think about a tripod that is simple to bring and light-weight otherwise you will end up leaving the tripod in the hotel space while missing out on fantastic picture chances. On the other hand if you take pictures in a studio think about a much heavier expert tripod.

Some professionals believe that a tripod should always be used when taking vital photography, such as for weddings or sports events. This way, you will achieve the sharpest image possible – at least by using a tripod.

Preferably you would desire a tripod that extends to your height permitting pictures to be taken from the very same angle as your eyes as if they were taken by hand. In these circumstances the tripod will be put on a raised platform or the pictures can be taken from a low angle.

Buy a tripod with at least two sections to adjust the height.

If you are photographing subjects that are taller than yourself, your tripod should be taller than just the lenses height.

The finest tripods have flexible legs so they can be folded in several directions making them to be very versatile when it comes to their usage. The majority of tripods can be turned into a monopod by utilizing one of the legs of the tripod. When you want to get rid of this leg, twist it off and screw it back on upside down.

An additional excellent function is that some tripods permit you to remove the center pole which can be used to attach your camera bag for convenience while walking around. Many features more like a freely rotating head that assists in shooting in difficult positions.

Tips For Shooting Photos

Keep both hands on the camera while shooting 

How To Avoid Blurry Photos

If you’re shooting with a tripod then keep one hand on the grip and the other hand under the lens.

When you don’t use a tripod make certain to hold your breath when taking pictures this is what will keep your camera motionless and permit you to take sharp pictures.

Make sure your camera is level and not tilted sideways or up-down

So as to increase the sharpness of your photos, it is important that you maintain the camera level more often than not.

Most digital cameras have a built-in spirit level that makes this process much easier. If your camera does not have one, there are also different gadgets for this purpose on the market, however, they are generally quite costly.

Use a remote shutter release button

A remote release cable or wireless remote release unit is a great tool to have if you take vital photography, for example at weddings.

These devices produce sharper pictures since pressing the shutter button with your hand will result in camera shake. When dealing with a digital SLR always make sure that you buy the right type of remote release for that specific model of camera before buying one.

Keep your lens clean and free from smudges

Importance of using a tripod

If your camera has a sensor cleaning option, use it. However keep in mind that this function will not clean the lens itself only the dust on the sensor. In case you have a large amount of smudges or spots on your photo it is time to use another technique such as using an air compressor or cleaning kit containing ethanol solution .

In direct sunlight , remember to turn off your LCD screen as it can cause damage to the display over time. If no shade is available and you must look at the LCD preview, hold your arm up and shield it from above with one hand while looking through the viewfinder with your other eye. This way you will prevent damage and won’t miss out on great opportunities because of high ISO or slow shutter speeds.

Avoid shooting pictures when there are moving objects in the background

When taking pictures where the background is in movement, try to find a place where the background will be blurry and focus your attention on an object that is not moving. This way you can avoid including any unwanted blurriness and make sure every detail of the picture turns up sharp.

Shoot close-ups of stationary objects like plants and flowers to avoid blurriness.

When taking pictures of close-up stationary objects, make sure to utilize a tripod to avoid any movement and blurriness. Keep the camera lens at least 10cm away from the subject. If your lens doesn’t focus that near you can get special add-on lenses that will help you do this.

The above tips should make it easier for you to take better photos with your digital camera and capture all those memorable moments in life more clearly and sharply.