7 Best Places To Get Free Fonts

7 Best Places To Get Free Fonts


Fonts, fonts the wonderful world of fonts. 
If you’ve ever spent any time creating content for print or online distribution, then you know that aside from stunning imagery good typography plays a very important role in good design. What’s the point of having great content if it’s done a disservice by messy fonts which muddle the contents clarity. 

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Careful font choice is very important; but who wants to spend loads and loads of money on them? If you are like me, then you probably have a very unhealthy addiction to collecting fonts (which could be a very expensive hobby). So are there any free options?
Well I’m glad you asked. Here are 7 Best Places To Get Free Fonts.
Quick Sidenote
Before downloading free fonts you need to be aware of the fact that the term “free fonts” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re free to do whatever you want with them, atleast not in all situations. 
Please make sure to consult the licenses that these free fonts are provided under. Some may be available only for personal use, however there are indeed sites that offer free fonts for commercial use. 
So let’s get into that list shall we?!
where to get free fonts
Font Squirrel is a site that boasts a curation of fonts that are “100% free for commercial use”. Labeling themselves the “Free Font Utopia”, Font Squirrel is an easy to use (easy to navigate) repository that allows you to quickly find fonts for download in a hassle free manner.

2. Behance

Behance, where to get free fonts

While Behance is technically a social media space for designers to share their work, build/showcase portfolios, it actually can be a very good resource for sourcing free fonts. Simply type fonts into the search bar and you’ll see quite a few results. 


3. 101 Free Fonts

101 Free Fonts, where to get free fonts

Another great font repository that has a wide range of fonts available for both personal and commercial use is 1001 Free Fonts. You can choose to browse fonts by alphabetical order or by font type. It even a allows a custom preview where you simply type in a phrase and you are able to preview that phrase in the fonts available. Should make weeding out potential fonts alot easier. 

4., where to get free fonts is a pretty well known place to source free fonts. The site is updated quite regularly and allows you to search for fonts according to themes (eg. cartoon, horror, aliens etc).

5. Fontspace

Fontspace, where to get free fonts

Fontspace currently boasts having a collection of over 36,000 fonts. This resource allows you to search for fonts based categories that relate to themes and also has a handy preview which saves you the trouble of either trying to imagine what your text will look like in a particular font, or having to download and install said font to find out.

6. Creative Market

Creative Market, where to get free fonts

Creative Market is an online marketplace for various design resources. Now while it may not exactly be known as the ideal place for free fonts there is an opportunity here. Each week they offer 6 curated items that are free to download, and quite often this set of 6 includes fonts. So if you want to check out some unique fonts or other goods each week for free you can click here. Otherwise you can check out the awesome items they have for sale including their very unique beautifully designed collection of fonts.

7. Pixel Surplus 

Pixel Surplus , where to get free fonts

While Pixel surplus is a site that sells great font bundles for designers, it is also a great resource for free fonts. Check them out for unique font designs. 

There you have it, the 7  Best Places To Get Free Fonts. I hope this list was helpful. Now go create some awesome stuff.